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Do Women Like Alpha Males?

Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. In astronomy, it is the brightest star in a constellation. In common parlance, alpha means to be the first. Alpha males are guys who seem to be leading the pack, the hunter, the ever-reliable male god. They are all around us. Alpha males rank from burly […]

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Why Deep Intimacy Is Lacking In Most Relationships

It is understandable why so few couples reach the level of deep, deep intimacy. Vulnerability can be downright scary. Perhaps you’ve been hurt once or many times when you exposed your deepest longings and passions. But chances are you haven’t even come close to experiencing mutual vulnerability in your relationships. Here are some steps you can […]

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3 Tips That Improve Your Relationship 452%‏

Couples who express dissatisfaction in their relationship usually cite these problems: * lack of good communication * stress * feel stuck in a rut * money problems * intimacy issues The easiest way to fix all of these problems is with frequent (yet, inexpensive) date nights. 1.  Set a frequency that works for your relationship. […]

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How To Pick Up Women Like A Video Game‏

Imagine how simple it would be… …if you could conquer the world of pick up like you could the World of Warcraft or Madden 15. Imagine how much fun it would be if you could walk over to a woman and talk to her in technical words that only you understand. Wouldn’t that be easy? […]

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How To Romance A Woman – She’s Hornier Than You Are

If most men knew the true sexual nature of women, they would be terrified. That’s right, terrified. They have fantasies about all kinds of crazy shit. They fantasize about sex with strangers. Women are just as horny as men, usually more so. They just can’t express it for fear of being labeled a slut. Her […]

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How To Romance A Woman – How To Meet People In Real Life

Author: notyourmothersadvice For the introverts —
Organized activities that require you to talk to each other

1. Community sports league or lessons
2. Running/Fitness groups or lessons
3. Art class
4. Community college classes
5. Professional workshops/trainings
6. Part Time job in the service industry
7. Volunteer opportunities
8. Dance

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Etiquette of the Modern Gentleman – or, HOW TO BE MORE LIKE TOM HIDDLESTON

Author: ahowlingcrab Ladies, prepare that reblog button. Men, listen up.
To an extent, modern males aren’t to blame for their manners – after all, some men have never been taught the basics of gentlemanly behavior that we women (everyone, really) so appreciate. Luckily, has composed a quick-tips list

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3 Positive Steps When Getting Back Together After A Break Up

Are you interested in getting back together after a break up? How are you feeling after just breaking up with your ex? Getting back together after a break up is possible if you really want to make it happen. If you love the other person and want to rekindle things, there are some considerations that […]

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3 Positions That DOUBLE Her Pleasure!

Are you tired of always using the same old positions in bed night after night? Do you wish that you could break out something new from your “bag of tricks” that would feel amazingly good to your lover, whether it’s she’s your long term partner, or a girl you just met? There’s probably nothing worse […]

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Better Sex – 5 Sex Positions With A Twist That Will Make Your Girl Go WILD!

Spicing things up in the bedroom is one of the most important things you can do to keep your girl happy, and totally satisfied… And while traditional sex positions tend to get a little repetitive and sometimes very boring… I decided to add a little twist to 5 common positions that will enhance your sex […]

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5 Ways To Keep Romance Alive – On A Budget

Just about everyone agrees that a nice dinner and a good bottle of wine at a quiet, intimate restaurant will set the mood for romance, but have you seen the price tag? Not everyone can afford to spend big money on romance ever time, but a bit of creativity can get the same results without […]

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How to Write the Perfect Love Letter

Don’t buy it. Write it. And take your time. She deserves as much. And so does love. Seven simple steps to making her fall for you by the written word. A long time ago, when I was living in my favorite apartment behind a bamboo patch in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I wrote my first love letter. […]

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