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Archive for July, 2013

5 Tips To Giving Her Explosive Sex And Sensational Orgasms

Who else wants to know how to give women amazing sex and out-of-this world orgasms? If you are anything like most men reading this, you probably yearn to be the best lover your woman has ever had, right? But if you have been reading any of the gossip columns in women’s magazines, or been checking […]

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What Women Want!

I want to look at a really important key to attraction… Thinking like a woman! What?! “Calvin, you’re telling me to have women falling at my feet I need to think like a woman?” Well… Kind of YES. You at least need some understanding of what makes women tick. What drives them. What attracts them. […]

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3 Steps to Approach Women This Weekend‏

Are you going out this weekend? Maybe you’re hitting the beach, going out for a few drinks, or heading to the local bars? I’m going to share with you 3 steps to approaching women you can use WHEREVER you go. Most guys don’t pay attention to the things I’m going to tell you… And most […]

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Are You Socially Invisible?

How would you feel if I told you women were attracted to you? Would you believe me if I said that cute girl you always see around town wants to meet you? When I was a teenager I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me those things… See… I was so scared to talk […]

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Stop Bragging!

I just want to clear up some confusion… Some of you guys are making a BIG mistake and women don’t like it! In fact… If you’ve had a bad time getting phone numbers or dates this could be why… A lot of the time I talk about being strong and confident… I talk about how […]

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Avoid Girls Who Flirt?

So you’ve finally hooked up with a girl… She’s fun, cool to hang out with, and she’s cute. But there’s a problem… Whenever you go out she always flirts with other guys. No matter where you are she’s giggling, flicking her hair, playfully chatting to other men and not you. So what does this mean? […]

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