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The #1 Mistake Men Make When Meeting Women‏

You find yourself standing in front of a beautiful woman. She’s hot, she’s sexy, and all of a sudden — out of nowhere — she starts talking to you. She’s showing interest. She’s asking questions about what you do, about what you’re eating, and she asks you one question after another. You think to yourself, […]

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10 Surefire Ways To Intrigue Her Every Time‏

What do you do when you see a woman that you are attracted to? Do you run and hide? Do you use some canned line that you read on the Internet? Or, do you just stand there in fear trying to think of the right thing to say? So, what is the right thing to […]

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My All-Time Favorite Date Ever‏

I’m about to share with you one of my favorite date ideas. A date that is so different, so much fun, that when you pull this off, you’re going to have the best sex of your life that night. This is a date that’s so great, she’s going to talk about it with all her […]

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The #1 Reason Why Women Love Nice Guys

You’ve heard it over the Internet: Every woman wants a bad boy. They’re looking for the alpha male. So what’s wrong with being a nice guy? Let me explain a little bit in detail. Here’s what a nice guy will do. A nice guy will ask a woman out very meekly: “Do you want to […]

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Are You Authentic?‏

Let’s talk today about inauthenticity. You have in life one thing that you can hold true to who you are, and that’s your word. Your word is like gold. It’s like an exchange of money. Every time you speak you’re making promises to other people, and in doing so you should be aware of other […]

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The Power of the Point

Whenever you’re walking through a market – a farmers market or any outdoor event with a lot of people – it’s very easy to meet women. All you have to do is say something, but not just anything. For instance, if she’s coming at you and eating a blueberry muffin, you can’t just look at her and say, “That […]

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How to Tell if That is Her Boyfriend or Just a Friend‏

There she is. The super-hot babe in the corner of the bar. (or anywhere for that matter) We all see her. She’s incredibly hot and she’s looking at you. She smiles at you, she looks over a few times. So what’s wrong? She’s sitting next to a dude. They are talking yet she keeps looking at […]

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Life’s Greatest Lesson‏

You want to know my life’s greatest lesson? Allow me to paint the picture. I was 25 years old; I’d been fired from many jobs. (And we’re talking about the first two years out of college—I was fired for every reason imaginable.) I remember one time I was fired and my boss told me that I […]

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Are You The Worlds Most Boooooring Man‏

Your family loves you.  You’re fun at work.  Everybody wants to hang out with you. You’ve got a personality that people like. But when you talk to women, you become the world’s most boring man.  You’re always in your head, wondering what to say next. For some reason, you’re actually good at talking to women you’re not attracted to.  […]

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3 Naughty Positions To Double Her Pleasure – HOT!

Are you tired of always using the same old positions night after night? Do you wish you could give your lover exquisite, thigh-quivering pleasure using new moves and positions she’s secretly craving for? If so, you’ll absolutely LOVE this: 3 Positions That DOUBLE Her Pleasure! Are you tired of always using the same old positions […]

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Why You Should NEVER Text On a Date‏

You’re on a date. She’s cute. You’re enjoying yourself. All of a sudden your phone vibrates in your pocket. What do you do? Answer it, or leave it alone? Nowadays, we’ve been trained like Pavlov’s dog to become so obsessed with texting. We’re so obsessed with figuring out what is going on with our phone that we […]

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Women Find This Guy Creepy‏

Remember when we were kids? Before bed, you’d go through that before-night ritual. Some of us would check the closets… Some of us would check under the bed… Some of us would sleep with a nightlight on… Some of us would ask our parents if the boogey man was going to come and get us […]

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