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Archive for December, 2014

How To Romance A Woman – How To Meet People In Real Life

Author: notyourmothersadvice For the introverts —
Organized activities that require you to talk to each other

1. Community sports league or lessons
2. Running/Fitness groups or lessons
3. Art class
4. Community college classes
5. Professional workshops/trainings
6. Part Time job in the service industry
7. Volunteer opportunities
8. Dance

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Etiquette of the Modern Gentleman – or, HOW TO BE MORE LIKE TOM HIDDLESTON

Author: ahowlingcrab Ladies, prepare that reblog button. Men, listen up.
To an extent, modern males aren’t to blame for their manners – after all, some men have never been taught the basics of gentlemanly behavior that we women (everyone, really) so appreciate. Luckily, has composed a quick-tips list

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