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3 Tips That Improve Your Relationship 452%‏

Couples who express dissatisfaction in their relationship

usually cite these problems:

* lack of good communication

* stress

* feel stuck in a rut

* money problems

* intimacy issues

The easiest way to fix all of these problems is with

frequent (yet, inexpensive) date nights.

1.  Set a frequency that works for your relationship.

Ideally it would be once a week but maybe it has to

be once a month. Whatever it is, get it on the calendar.

2. Switch up the dates.  Resist the temptation to do the

same thing over and over (like dinner out).  New places,

events and settings will spark new communication and

keep the excitement level high.

==> Check out these 300 creative date ideas

3. Keep the cost down if money is a stress point in your

relationship. Going into debt will only make your

problems worse.

You don’t have to spend a $100 on a date to make it

amazing. In fact some of our best dates have cost just a

few dollars. Check out my website where I give out 100s

of dates that cost $20 or less.

==> 100s of creative dates costing $20 or less 

Your friend and coach,

Calvin “The Romance Guru” Gipson

P.S.  If you are having any sort of “intimacy” issues,

creative dating often leads to sparks in the bedroom

(or even on your date).

==>  Put lots of SPARK in your relationship with these date ideas


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