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Better Sex – 5 Sex Positions With A Twist That Will Make Your Girl Go WILD!

Spicing things up in the bedroom is one of the most important things you can do to keep your girl happy, and totally satisfied…

And while traditional sex positions tend to get a little repetitive and sometimes very boring…

I decided to add a little twist to 5 common positions that will enhance your sex life and TRIPLE the pleasure for you and your girl =)

1.) Cowgirl Lap Dance 

I know how much you LOVE cowgirl position…watching your girl ride you hard and fast, while she’s in full control of how deep she wants to be penetrated by your throbbing shaft…

It’s one of the BEST sex positions ever! And although it’s amazing all on its own…I wanted to put a little twist on it to make your night even


Grab a kitchen chair and sit yourself down. Pull your woman close, and help her position herself onto your lap with her feet touching the floor.

This way she’ll be able to rotate her hips and tease your erection with her clit, a very SEXY foreplay move before she slides you in.

Plus…you’ll have an INCREDIBLE view of her breasts as she moves up and down.

When she is ready for intercourse, this position will give her BETTER control than if she was in the original cowgirl position…

And that means the ride is going to be TWICE as wild and extremely pleasurable!

Just try not to blow your load too quickly

2.) Doggy Leg Lift 

Doggy style is my absolute favorite position because I love to be dominated by a man…letting him have me any way he pleases hehe!

So…if you’re looking to add an extra treat to doggy style, this sex position with a twist will definitely make your girl shout!

Bend her over on the bed, spread her legs and lift one of her thighs. This is going to make the penetration DEEPER than ever before…

Then, twist your body towards hers and let her thigh lean into your hip while you thrust!

Your free hand can gently tug on her hair, because we both know how much women CRAVE that move…

Or you can let your fingers do the walking and stimulate her clit at the same time. Either way she’s going to be experiencing so much pleasure, she’ll be screaming ALL night long!

Don’t forget to close the window or she’s going to wake up the entire neighborhood! =)

3.) Missionary With Pillows 

Missionary is usually a woman’s “go-to” position as it can lead to some MIND-BLOWING sex!

But…if you really want to SPICE it up for even greater pleasure, just add a pillow.

This sex position with a twist is super easy and pretty much GUARANTEES an orgasm…or two or three, and maybe even for both of you at the SAME time!

Lay your woman down on her back and slide a pillow under her butt. Then spread her thighs apart and place her feet flat against the mattress.

Penetrating her from this angle will be so deep you’ll make her moan like never before…

And the constant clit stimulation she feels from the pillow will give her the most INTENSE, dripping wet orgasm of a lifetime!

4.) The Spoon Split

This sex position with a twist is a HUGE favorite of mine because it’s very intimate and insanely RAUNCHY at the same time…

Get into the well-known, traditional spooning position, and take her top leg and lay it across yours.

This will force her thighs into a pretty widespread position, which will totally make your girl feel vulnerable and extra NAUGHTY =)

In this position you’ll be able to thrust her deep, while having very easy access to her clit…and if you’re lucky, she might even take matters into her own hands hehe!

This sex position will make your girl feel super saucy and have her spooning AND swooning.

5.) Reverse Cowgirl Squat

Every man knows that the #1 way to a woman’s booty is through reverse cowgirl…

Not only do you get an AMAZING view of it as it bounces up and down on your junk, but you can also tease the area with a finger for extra pleasure!

This is one sex position that will get your girl VERY, very excited and lead to wild and CRAZY sex!

Get on your knees while facing the bed’s headboard, and rest your butt on your heels. Then, have your girl squat over your lap while holding onto the headboard.

This will give her full support as she lowers her warm lady oven onto your thick erection =)

Grab onto the curve of her waist as she rides you to help her stay balanced during during the act.

Things like hair tugging, and gentle spanking…or rough if that’s what she likes, can make this position even STEAMIER and more exciting for the perfect night.

So there you have it lover, 5 sex positions with a sexy little twist that will make your girl WILD!

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