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Etiquette of the Modern Gentleman – or, HOW TO BE MORE LIKE TOM HIDDLESTON

Author: ahowlingcrab

Ladies, prepare that reblog button. Men, listen up.

To an extent, modern males aren’t to blame for their manners – after all, some men have never been taught the basics of gentlemanly behavior that we women (everyone, really) so appreciate. Luckily, has composed a quick-tips list for men to leaf through.

I’m not saying that being a gentleman is the end-all, be-all of your existence, but let’s point out that Tom Hiddleston has been voted one of the sexiest men on Earth by no less than 6 publications. Just sayin’.


The 10 Skills of a Gentleman
Gentlemen’s Behavior Tips
12 Things a Gentleman Always Does
When you’re on a date
Conversation skills
10 Gestures that Tell Her You’re a Gentleman
Digital Chivalry

If you’d like to read more, has dozen of other useful articles and tips.

Girls, if you’ve been thinking lately that you wish your boyfriend (or any man in your life) were more like Tom Hiddleston, now’s the time to refer him to this list.

Boys, girls love gentlemen. What else do you need to know? Read up and start impressing us, lads.

Author: ahowlingcrab

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