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Why You Should NEVER Text On a Date‏

You’re on a date. She’s cute. You’re enjoying yourself. All of a sudden your phone vibrates in your pocket. What do you do? Answer it, or leave it alone? Nowadays, we’ve been trained like Pavlov’s dog to become so obsessed with texting. We’re so obsessed with figuring out what is going on with our phone that we […]

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Women Find This Guy Creepy‏

Remember when we were kids? Before bed, you’d go through that before-night ritual. Some of us would check the closets… Some of us would check under the bed… Some of us would sleep with a nightlight on… Some of us would ask our parents if the boogey man was going to come and get us […]

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Mr. Nice Guy Syndrome‏

Have you ever noticed that amazingly sexy beautiful women never seem to be attracted to Mr. Nice Guy? Of course you have. You probably see it every single day. And just like me, I’m sure you’ve seen amazingly, beautiful, sexy, hot, females that always date the wrong guy for them; the guy that never ever seems to […]

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Simple But POWERFUL Texting Tips‏

So you’ve met a woman. You got her phone number. Now, what do you do? Do you call her? Do you text her? In today’s technology based world, you don’t know what a woman really wants and desires. There are a lot of women that just want to be called. It’s really important for them […]

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Love, Wealth, and Health‏

What do you crave the most in life? Most people crave three things: They crave love. They crave wealth. And they crave health. Love is a different definition for all of us: how we want to feel in a relationship, how we want to be treated, how we love ourselves, our friends, family, and the […]

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How to Get Her to Fall in Love‏

You don’t know how many times I get this e-mail from guys: I’ve met this woman. We went on a date. I think I’m in love with her. I know she feels the same way. I need to share how I feel with her. Whoa, slow down Mr. Loverboy. Sure, she’s hot, she’s sexy, she’s […]

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Why Every Day is a New Day‏

Every morning when you wake up it’s a brand new day. Every morning when you wake up whatever happened the day before is history. Even if you woke up and you got laid the night before, you still have to go and do it all over again the very next day. Every successful man in […]

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What A Tiny Red Monster (Elmo) Can Teach You About Women

How in the world can an annoying, short, furry, red monster get me laid? Real simple. If you’ve ever had the pleasure – or for some of us, the displeasure – of having to watch Sesame Street, you would know that Sesame Street actually works on something called memes. Everything Sesame Street does is based on […]

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5 Tips To Giving Her Explosive Sex And Sensational Orgasms

Who else wants to know how to give women amazing sex and out-of-this world orgasms? If you are anything like most men reading this, you probably yearn to be the best lover your woman has ever had, right? But if you have been reading any of the gossip columns in women’s magazines, or been checking […]

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What Women Want!

I want to look at a really important key to attraction… Thinking like a woman! What?! “Calvin, you’re telling me to have women falling at my feet I need to think like a woman?” Well… Kind of YES. You at least need some understanding of what makes women tick. What drives them. What attracts them. […]

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3 Steps to Approach Women This Weekend‏

Are you going out this weekend? Maybe you’re hitting the beach, going out for a few drinks, or heading to the local bars? I’m going to share with you 3 steps to approaching women you can use WHEREVER you go. Most guys don’t pay attention to the things I’m going to tell you… And most […]

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Are You Socially Invisible?

How would you feel if I told you women were attracted to you? Would you believe me if I said that cute girl you always see around town wants to meet you? When I was a teenager I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me those things… See… I was so scared to talk […]

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