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The #1 Mistake Men Make When Meeting Women‏

You find yourself standing in front of a beautiful woman.

She’s hot, she’s sexy, and all of a sudden — out of nowhere — she starts talking to you.

She’s showing interest. She’s asking questions about what you do, about what you’re eating, and she asks you one question after another.

You think to yourself, “This is so great. She’s really interested in me.”

You’re so excited that she’s talking to you and so excited that she’s listening to what you’re saying about that you’re about to make the biggest mistake every man makes…

And this is where the attraction dies…

You don’t ask her anything about herself.

This is the mistake I see over and over and over again.

How many times have you found yourself talking to somebody and you’re doing all the talking, while they’re doing all the questioning. They’re asking all the questions, and you’re not asking anything about them.

I see people do it every single day, and it drives me crazy.

When you’re talking to a woman, and she’s asking questions about yourself, you better ask her things about herself as well — you better show interest.

Guys who make this mistake, miss opportunities to hook up on a daily basis.

Think about any experiences in your past where a woman asked you a lot of questions and you didn’t end up going out with her.

That could have been your chance!

Situations like this are why I’m about to unveil how I became an amazing communicator, so you don’t ever make this mistake again!

I used to make this mistake all the time and I don’t want that for you.

Click here and let’s begin:

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