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The #1 Reason Why Women Love Nice Guys

You’ve heard it over the Internet:

Every woman wants a bad boy.

They’re looking for the alpha male.

So what’s wrong with being a nice guy?

Let me explain a little bit in detail.

Here’s what a nice guy will do. A nice guy will ask a woman out very meekly:

“Do you want to get together?”

So she’ll say, “Yeah, I’d like to, but I’m kind of busy for the next couple of weeks.”

And he’ll say, “Oh, okay.” And run away.

A bad, nice guy will call a woman up on the phone and say, “Friday night. I want to do something. Let’s hang.”

She’ll say, “I’m kind of busy right now.”

Then he’ll say to her, “Well, doing what? Hanging out with one of your friends? Like you haven’t seen enough of them. Here’s the deal: why don’t you go see your friends on Saturday and you can tell them about the great date we’re going to have on Friday night. How about 8:00pm. I’ll pick you up.”

She’ll say, “Oh, it’s just my good friend.”

“Give me her number. I’ll call her. I’ll blow her off for you. I’m real good at doing that.”

Yes, a real nice guy will show a woman that he likes her. He will also take full on control.

He won’t be Mr. Okay…

“Hi, my name is Mr. Okay. I’m just going to agree with whatever you say. You want to have sex tonight?”


“Hey, you want to get together next Friday night?”


“Okay, I’ll just call you again in two weeks. Is that okay?”

Look. I’m nice. But I demand what I want, and I get it, and I treat people with courtesy. I’m not a bastard. I just go after what I want. That’s the difference.

I used to think just like you that you had to be some kind of bad ass.

Let’s face it: the world will never be full of bad ass men but what I can do is show you how your nice guy persona can make her choose you over any so-called “bad ass guy”…

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