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Why Deep Intimacy Is Lacking In Most Relationships

It is understandable why so few couples

reach the level of deep, deep intimacy.

Vulnerability can be downright scary.

Perhaps you’ve been hurt once or many times

when you exposed your deepest longings

and passions. But chances are you haven’t

even come close to experiencing mutual vulnerability

in your relationships.

Here are some steps you can take to deepen

the intimacy with your partner.

1.  Take baby steps. Don’t share your entire

life story when you are new in a relationship. If

you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, don’t

suddenly *spill your guts* about everything you’ve

ever thought of, dreamed of, fantasized about. Build

your castle one brick at a time.

Whenever you have the opportunity (date night for

instance) share maybe one new thing that you’ve

never talked about before. Taking your time will

not only build trust, it will build a stronger foundation

for your relationship to rest upon.

2.  Make time and space for deep sharing. It is

hard to share personal thoughts and ideas if you

have kids running around or while sitting in the

spectator stands at a sports match.

Seek out private places like parks, nature walks,

candlelit dining tables or even backyards watching

fireflies.  Sometimes having a beverage and/or a

snack can help slow you down and give you

enough time to begin some important conversations.

3.  Talk about intimate issues. You can’t grow deeply

if all you ever talk about is the kids and work. Your

sexual life is (or will be if you are working towards that

goal) an incredibly important part of cementing you

two together. The bonds you build are directly related

to how open and honest each of you can be about

your intimate desires.

Bringing up “sex talk” can be uncomfortable, can’t it?

And depending on how you approach it, the questions

and answers might be so vague that you really don’t

accomplish much.

One of the best ways I discovered to make these

discussions fun and non-threatening is to make our

way through a list of questions that someone else wrote

so there isn’t that feeling of “I wonder why he/she is

asking that question”.

I have used my experience of helping couples over the

last 20 years to create a resource that will help create

the deep intimacy you crave.

==> Get 500 Intimate Questions right here

An effective way to go through questions like this is to

have them on your night stand or even cut up and put in

a jar or box where you pull out one or more to answer.

Deep intimacy takes time and effort to achieve but like building

a castle a brick at a time you eventually have a fortress that

can weather almost any attack.

Your friend a coach,

Calvin “The Romance Guru’ Gipson

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